Aastha International School -

  1.  At the time of admission, the student needs to pay Prospectus, Registration, Admission Fee and refundable Security Deposit.
  2. The fee is to be remitted online in our PNB A/C No. 7954000100003289 IFSC Code PUNB0795400 send the deposit receipt by e-mail/post by Demand Draft in favour of "Principal, Aastha International Public School".


  1. All fee payments should be made by the due dates as indicated in the fee schedule i.e:-
    1. Installment by 15th April.
    2. Installment by 15th July.
    3. Installment by 15th October.
    4. Installment by 15 January.
  2. School reserves the right revise/amend the Fee Schedule and STUDENT'S PERSONAL ACCOUNT.
  3. Student Personal Money is a running account / adjustable account. It covers running expenses incurred by the students such as for uniforms, pocket money, books, stationery, weekend exit, field trips, cultural/academics excursion, school tuck shop, medical expenses (outside the school), medical /personal accident insurance, telephones, travel and ticketing expenses, examination expenses, sports expenses of personal nature, specialized coaching, fines, and penalties, if any, etc.
  4. Personal Money account must have a minimum balance is Rs 5,000/- at the beginning of each term. However minimum balance is to be maintained in the personal account at any time. In short, any shortfall of the above-mentioned limit is to be topped up immediately by paying the due amount to maintain Rs 5,000/- minimum balance in the Personal Account.
  5.  Any balance in the Personal Money account, at the end of the term, will be adjusted in the next term's dues.
  1. Rs. 5000/- is kept in the Tour/Track Account of the respective students. An amount for the touring expenses.

  1. If the fee of a child is not deposited on or before the stipulated time,a late fee of Rs 50/- per day will be paid by the parents.
  2. Partial payment of term fee will be treated as Non-payment of the term fee and all the penalties mentioned in clause 11 will be levied.
  3. No student, whose fee remains unpaid in full or in part, will be allowed to write Home or Board examination, and until the outstanding fee is received no internal examination results, reports,Transfer Certificates or recommendation to future schools/colleges will be issued to the student or parent.
  4. If the fee is not paid even after 2 fortnightly reminders, the child's name shall be struck off from the school's records and all dues shall be forfeited from the security deposit. Readmission fees will be charged in case the child decides to continue his studies after written request from the parent/guardian.
  1. In case of new student's withdrawal, one term Annual School Fees and the One Time Admission Fee is Rs 5000/- will be charged.
  2. In case of an old student's withdrawal, the intimation must reach the school by 15 February else they will have to pay the installment of the fee.
  3. One year fee will be charged if the student gets himself withdrawn after 10 October.
  4. Alumni Fee of Rs 1000/- will be charged at the time of withdrawal.

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