Aastha International School -

The school campus spread over 3.5 acres of verdant splendour, the magnificent campus cover the school building, academic and administrative blocks, basketball, volleyball and badminton courts. The school has also vast ground for football and cricket. The school building is specially designed and sheer architectural beauty. Our library, Science Lab, Geography Lab and Maths Lab's infrastructure is most modern. 

The campus is a perfect setting and an ideal environment for intellectual, aesthetic and physical development of one. This is the first school in the district which have 100% power supply from solar energy. Moreover sufficient space her child in the classroom, usually guided by standards set by a country's ministry of education. Construction methods ensure the safety of children in the school, suited to natural hazards of the region. Adequate separate sanitary facilities for boys and girls and for staff.

Education can change the world.

Education is most powerfull weapon which you can choose to change the world
Nelson Mandela

  • It reduces poverty, decreases racism, eliminates gender inequality, prevents needless deaths, and most importantly fosters peace.
  • Education helps lower crime rate. That’s because the educated can differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong.
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