Aastha International School -

Vision:- To promote education as a vehicle for rural development.

Mission:- To make a lifelong difference to the lives of rural underprivileged girls & Boys through holistic education.

"Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow"

Goal:- To educate, engage and empower rural girls and boys.

Our Motto, Total Education

We keep child, one step ahead

Aastha International Public School is an exclusively Co-educational English medium day boarding school cum sports academy from class Nursery to 10+2 ( all the stream ). The school produces individuals with a global outlook. It has emerged as a premier institute for quality education not only Haryana level but at National level. The students are given admission without the discrimination of color, caste and creed. Learning to live and work together in such a diverse community can be powerful experience for young angles and one that can help to promote open-mindedness and understanding. Committed to excellence we seek to educate our students to be responsible, productive and creative citizens of the skill to think globally reason critically and communicate effectively. We provide an environment that is interesting to explore, child safe and is filled with people who respond to the child is emotional and intellectual needs as we understand that the child's capacity to learn an thrive totally depends on the interplay between nature ( genetic endowment and nature ( affection, care and stimulation ).

The purpose of education here is to impart skill in one hand and to impart wisdom on the other, so that tranquility could be established between science and sensibility as skill without wisdom may prove to be destructive. The school boast of a well trained, experienced and highly qualified faculty of staff, which lead by examples and help students to develop a strong work ethic, personal responsibility and decision making skill. A.I.P.S. works on a system which ensures that quality is constantly monitore and standards are reviewed and maintained.

Education can change the world.

Education is most powerfull weapon which you can choose to change the world
Nelson Mandela

  • It reduces poverty, decreases racism, eliminates gender inequality, prevents needless deaths, and most importantly fosters peace.
  • Education helps lower crime rate. That’s because the educated can differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong.
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