Aastha International School -

Special Assembly 2020-21

Date Assembly Activities:-


12 National Youth Day

26 Republic Day International Customs Day

30 Martyr's Day


28 National Science Day


8 International Women's Day

15 World Disabled Day

21 World Forestry Day

21 Elimination of Racial Discrimination

April :-

7 World Health Day

18 World Heritage Day

22 Earth Day


3 Press Freedom Day

2nd Sunday Mother's Day

8 World Red Cross Day

15 International Day of the Family

17 World Telecommunication Day

24 Commonwealth Day

31 Anti-tabacco Day

4 Victims of Aggression


5 World Environment Day

26 International Day against Drug Abuse


II World Population Day

11 Guru Purnima THE ROYAL


3 International Friendship Day

6 Hiroshima Day

15 Independence Day

29 National Sports Day

September :-

5 Teacher's Day

8 World Literacy Day

16 World Ozone Day

27 World Tourism Day

October :-

1 International Day of the Elderly

4 World Animal Welfare Day

16 World Food Day November


14 Children's Day


1 World AIDS Day

7 Armed Forces Flag Day

10 Human Rights Day

23 Kisan Divas (Farmer's Day)


01.01.2018 Happy New Year Celebration

26.01.2018 Republic Day


28.2.2017 World Science Day


8.3.2017 International Women's Day

Education can change the world.

Education is most powerfull weapon which you can choose to change the world
Nelson Mandela

  • It reduces poverty, decreases racism, eliminates gender inequality, prevents needless deaths, and most importantly fosters peace.
  • Education helps lower crime rate. That’s because the educated can differentiate between what’s right and what’s wrong.
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